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Makers of IN® Products for Dogs and Cats

Our pet supplements have been helping to promote good health in dogs and cats for over 25 years. Our loyal customers can be found around the globe.  Our products include:

IN® Supplement for dogs and cats: A daily nutritional supplement to provide dogs and cats with the live enzymes, essential fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that they require to enhance their immune system and to help keep their coat and skin in top condition.  The IN® Supplement for dogs and for cats is manufactured in the form of a semi-soft nugget that can be given as a treat. IN® contains no harmful or toxic substances. IN® is designed to be taken by dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes and ages and can safely be administered each day for the life of the animal.

INhancer™ joint protection supplement for high activity and older dogs: A daily nutritional supplement containing Glucosamine and Chondroitin from Shark which helps to maintain the elasticity of healthy joints in high activity dogs and helps to relieve the pain and rebuild the joints of older arthritic dogs.

Leciderm™ An all natural, petroleum-free, ph balanced shampoo

Our Company

ALC INovators, Inc., located at 230 Pepes Farm Road, Milford, CT 06460 USA, is a licensed manufacturer of nutritional supplements for dogs and cats.  The company is supervised and inspected by the USDA/APHIS and registered with the FDA.
From our humble beginnings in the domestic show dog circuit over 25 years ago, ALC now has customers around the globe.  Our customers range from prize winning pedigrees to animal shelter rescues.
We are a family owned business and take pride in producing a product that delivers the benefits it purports.

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