I.D. Fratta DVM on IN Pet Supplements

For many decades now, men have sought to follow food diets, which would make them look younger and live longer. Vitamin concentrates; fresh Natural Cures for Dog Allergies vegetables, milk, yogurt and food rich in protein are basic products, which are essential to that kind of good diet.

The major achievements in human medicine were probably the results of experiments, which were applied to dogs before they were humans. It was with dogs that it was possible to test the results of administering vitamins and minerals in food diets, and it was in the laboratory where it was found that dogs benefit enormously from scientifically balanced diets; dogs live longer, look better and have plenty of energy, and most of the diseases which are associated with poor diets are eliminated.

IN® has been in the hands of veterinarians for many years: veterinarians were at first the only ones to proscribe the product. I myself used it with satisfaction 25 years ago when associated with The Institute of Comparative Medicine, Columbia – Presbyterian Medical center, New York. Later it became more generally available and owners of kennels, dog trainers and even owners of single dogs have sent appreciative letters to the producer of the lecithin rich diet supplement which is given in small amounts in addition to regular accustomed feeding. Veterinarians using and recommending IN® will welcome the improved nugget form for ease and effectiveness of administration.

According to my experience with IN® this diet supplement helps balance average diets with vitamin and mineral elements frequently lacking. I am able to confirm that eczematous disease in dogs – mange, alopecia (loss of hair), etc. may completely disappear with regular use of IN®. The old method of applying ointment to the parts of the skin of the dog affected by the disease always gave dubious results, since the dog would start licking, thus uncovering the lesion; given IN® orally this is not a problem. Now it is well known that in all skin and hair disorders, the lack of hair gloss and the inexplicable loss of hair are best treated from the “inside out” and not from the “outside in” (as in the case with local applications). In some instances, I have achieved success in treating dogs from whom all ointments, salves and ungents had failed. Quite often dogs which were given IN® as a supplement to their diet had in a very short time new beautiful hair and dry skin become normal again. In his book “Veterinary Dermatology” (2nd Edition J.P. Lipincott), Dr. Frank Kral mentions the use of IN given dogs “affected by dry eczema characterized by much dandruff and subsequent loss of hair and in various skin disorders”.

I have made similar observations and have found that dogs subjected to corticosteroid or cortisone treatments of the so – called “wet eczema” or “summer eczema” will experience faster and better relief when given IN®. Undoubtedly this is due to the combined actions of the vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids together with the phospholipids (lecithin) which it contains.

The same results were obtained with this product by the late Dr. Charles Slanetz in rats treated with corticosterioids: the rats given IN® had a larger amount of antibodies. I have similarly noticed that dogs receiving IN® exhibit an increased resistance to disease. This same experience was reproduced in dogs in research by Dr. Slanetez and Dr. Albert Scharf at Colombia; and in otherwork, Dr. F. Kral (D.M.V.) Professor of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, reported treating various skin disorders, particularly chronic squamouscursted eczema and severe cases of demodectic mange with good supportive results.

Dog Allergies ScratchingI find that IN® supplies dietic factors which the usual dog foods do not supply. A great many vitamins lose their effect during preparation; minerals present often become dissolved and in order to balance the unavoidable deficiencies of food diets, it is necessary to supply vitamins and minerals by other means. Dogs receiving IN® combine the vitamins and minerals with lecithin and show considerable improvement in their overall health, even though their diets were supposedly complete; and Dr. Slanetz found in a number of cases that dogs failing to mate successfully were able after being fed IN® to produce healthy offspring.

The level of Vitamin A in the blood increases appreciably within four weeks after initiating the use of IN®Although the content of vitamins, minerals and polyunsaturated fatty acids found in the product are important in the diet, I believe that IN® is as effective as it has been proven to be because it combines all these elements in the right proportions with significant intake of phospholipids (lecithin) thus achieving a more perfect functioning of the entire organism.

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IN Dog Wins 2010 Cocker Championship Field Trial

Bred by the prestigous Oahe Kennels in Menoken North Dakota, Ballymena’s Irish Rose “Nellie” won the 2010 Field Trials in Hanover, Michigan.  Nellie has been using  IN Diet Supplements since she was born in 2007.  She started her trialing career in 2009 and has won two trials in just two weekends!  Her owner, Hobson Brown owns over a dozen Cocker Spaniels and keeps them all on an IN Diet Supplement regiment.  He is a firm believer in the product and wouldn’t dream of raising a dog without it!

Field Trial Champion

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