IN Office Dog Badger Doing His Best to Keep Us Home!

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Who Needs a Dog Walker When you Have an Airedale?

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Dog Duo Save Owner from Raging Bull

Herald – A Bay State farmer’s two loyal dogs saved him from a raging bull’s attack Saturday morning in a daring canine counterattack on the rampaging bovine as it tossed their master around. “The bull just got angry and started throwing him around the field,” said Ellen McKeon, 50, who witnessed the attack on her farmer boyfriend, Richard Gerulaitis. “When he landed a couple times, I thought the bull had him. I didn’t think he was with us anymore. My heart stopped.” The couple’s two dogs — 3-year-old border collie Jack and 13-year-old mixed breed Katie — heard McKeon’s screams and came running from the barnyard. As the hero canines kept the bull at bay, McKeon pulled Gerulaitis 300 feet to safety.“The border collie was bitten right on to the bull and the bull was fighting with the dogs,” McKeon said. Hardwick police Cpl. Kevin Landine said Jack, who latched onto the bull’s snout, probably saved the farmer’s life. He called Jack a real-life Lassie. Yesterday, Gerulaitis underwent surgery at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center in Worcester to remove his lacerated spleen. He also suffered broken bones and a collapsed lung but is expected to recover. “I just thank God for the dogs and I’m doing nothing but praying,” McKeon said.

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Dog Training for Dummies Didn’t Work on this Dog!

Dog Training

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