On the Lookout for Breeders

Over 25 years ago, ALC Inovators was an extremely small business with sales totaling less than $50,000 per year.  Of these sales, almost every purchase was made by a member of the breeding community.  Breeders possess a unique knowledge of the animals they care for and understandably demand superior products to help facilitate the healthy upbringing of their newborns.  Over the last two decades our company has grown considerably, and our customers come from all over the globe.

Despite our expanded customer base, we are still dedicated to providing breeders with the products they need to make sure the next generations of dogs and cats are as healthy as possible. We have connections with many successful breeders, but are always looking to forge new friendships.  If you are a breeder and have a website, we have a proposition for you: simply give us your name and address and we will send you a jar of our IN Diet Supplement (for dogs or cats) free of charge.  What  would we like  in return you ask?  Easy, if you like the product come back here and let people know its been working for you.  If you don’t, let us know that as well.  We stand by our product and are willing to risk the negative feedback.  Additionally we would love to link to your website from our site  You have nothing to lose and your pets have everything to gain.

Send your name, address and a link to your site to and we will send you your free jar of IN as soon as we possibly can.

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