HH Backer Christmas Tradeshow

After a 12 year hiatus, ALC Inovators returned to the trade show circuit this past weekend in Chicago at the HH Backer Christmas Pet Expo.  Despite dreary weather and a long trip, we had a great show.  Over the three day period, we met a lot of new friends and got reacquainted with people we hadn’t seen in a long time.  At least a dozen people came up to the booth to tell us that our supplements were “the best” and that their dogs and kitties at home could not live without them.  For owners of a small business, comments like these are truly wonderful.  We can’t wait to get in touch with the hundreds of people we met over the weekend. That is of course after we re cooperate from standing up for 8 hours a day, three days in a row.

It seems in the 12 years we took off, the bar for booth decoration and setup has been raised much higher.  It was unbelievable to see some of the setups that had been flown in.  It was as though companies literally mailed their entire pet store to Chicago and recreated it in a smaller space.  Aquariums were stocked with tropical fish from all over the world, flat screen t.v.s  hung everywhere you looked and some booths even offered full bars!  It is amazing to see a convention center transform from a drab old warehouse to a bright, energetic arena in the matter of 12 hours.  HH Backer did a wonderful job organizing the show, it was certainly no small task.

After such a wonderful experience this weekend, we will surely be in attendance of all the major upcoming shows.  There really is no better way to get in touch with the trends and people in the pet industry than by learning about them face to face at a trade show.  Now, we need to catch up on some sleep.

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Sunglasses for Dogs?

The ALC Sales office is located in beautiful South Florida.  Vero Beach to be exact.  We ‘ve been down here for 12 years and love the gorgeous weather, excellent fishing and never ending  supply of golf courses.  There is however one drawback to our chosen locale; our Shih Tzu Badger seems to be blinded by the sun!  Badger has been with us for the whole twelve years and seems to be enjoying his “twilight” years quite thoroughly.  Due to the heat, we decided to cut Badgey’s hair  short so he doesn’t overheat. As much as we love the “Best in Show” Shih Tzu look, we opted to give old Badge a shorter “do.”  Initially, Badger was pretty embarrassed to sport the high and tight look. Now, we’re pretty sure he is thankful for his streamlined appearance.

The lone issue with the shorter style is that Badger gets a lot of sun in his face when he heads outside to take care of business.  He definitely prefers to be outside after the sun has gone down.  Yesterday I was driving along and ended up cruising next to a driver whose dog was enjoying the wind in his face as he hung out the window.  Upon a closer look I realized that this little lab was wearing sunglasses!  I was very impressed with this look as I’ve been thinking that a pair of shades might help the Badge  enjoy his daytime outings.  My only hesitation to picking up Badger his own pair of aviators was, how on Earth will he keep them on?  As I approached the stop light next to this hip dog next to me I realized his glasses were being held on by a little pair of doggy Croakies.  That did it.  Badger will finally be able to fully enjoy his retirement with his new pair of glasses.  Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to find him some Florida Gator Croakies to match my own.


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