Laika's Story

The best days of working at ALC INovators are the ones when we hear from  pet owners that our products have made a huge difference in the lives of their pets.  Recently, we got a letter from an owner whose dog Laika had hit a serious rough patch.  Their veterinarian told them that there was nothing that could be done for Laika and that maybe it was time to consider putting her to sleep.  Not wanting to give up, Laika’s owners took a chance on IN® Supplements and here’s what happened: The pictures are in chronological order beginning with 5-30-08, 8-16-08, 1-9-09, 2-16-09 (1), 2-16-09(2), 8-15-09 and ending with the most recent photo of Laika.

“My husband Jim asked that I send you some pictures of our Samoyed, Laika, when she had lost her hair and once on your supplement within months has her hair back.

If we didn’t see it ourselves, we would never have believed it.

Her hair is now fully grown back and looks beautiful.”


Thanks so much!  If anyone else has a testimonial, please let us know.  They make our day!

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