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Help with Mange, Itching, Scratching

How IN® Products Relieve Common Issues Like Mange, Itching and Scratching

Treating and Preventing Mange in Dogs
Mange is a common skin condition that can cause significant distress to your dog or cat.  There are several forms of mange; each is caused by a specific type of mite.  In each case, the animals skin becomes irritated causing the dog or cat to itch the area excessively.  The problem will continue until it is diagnosed and treated properly. Unfortunately, the mites that cause mange are so small that they can only be seen with the use of a microscope. It is important to know the tell tale signs of mange as they are the only indication that a problem exists. 

Sarcoptic Mange
We will first discuss a form of the condition known as sarcoptic mange.  Sarcoptic mange is a highly contagious form of mange, commonly referred to as scabies.  Caused by the Sarcoptes Scabiei Canis mite, sarcoptic mange can spread rapidly between infected animals.  Unfortunately, sarcoptic mange can even be spread to humans, causing the same severe itching and irritation. Fortunately ,the mite is unable to reproduce on humans. The symptoms of sarcoptic mange include hair loss, intense itching/scratching, and often times the tip of the ear will be crusted over. A veterinarian will take a sample with a scraping of the skin, but can oftentimes diagnose the problem quickly based on the animals appearance.

When a dog has been diagnosed with sarcoptic mange, in most cases they will receive weekly injections of Ivermetcin for up to a month.Depending on their breed, not all dogs can be treated with Ivermetcin and may need to be dipped in an insecticide. Ivermetcin and insecticide dips may treat the root of the problem, and ointments may be used to treat the sores on the skin.  Cortisone helps a lot to stop itching.  Additionally, every animal that has been exposed to sarcoptic mange must be treated, even if they dont appear to be sick.  The life cycle of the mite lasts several weeks and an animal may be infected without showing any symptoms. The entire household or environment needs to be cleaned as well to prevent future infestations.

Demodectic Mange
The most common form of mange in dogs is demodectic, or Red Mange.  Affecting young animals,generally puppies, demodectic mange is caused by the Demodex canis mite.  Red mange is not contagious between dogs,puppies receive the mite from their mothers. If a puppy is born without the condition, there is no possibility they will ever have it. Unlike sarcoptic mange, demodectic mange is not transferable to humans.

Demodectic mange can be diagnosed if the young dog has oneor several hairless areas on their body. Demodectic mange does not itch as much as sarcoptic mange but it is still a nuisance nonetheless.  In mostcases, demodectic mange will clear up on its own.  Treatment may be sought to increase the rate of recovery.  Generally, an insecticide dip will be prescribed to help kill the mites. 

Preventing Mange
While all types of mange are results of a mite infestation,they are also the result of malnutrition or a weakened immune system.  Most dog foods, regardless of price are cooked at high temperatures.  The result is that the omega fatty acids and nutrients that were once in the food are no longer active. The use of supplements, especially those containing omega fatty acids help to fortify the animals immune system and ward off mite infestations.  The IN Diet Supplement has been around for over 20 years and has a longstanding history, backed by hundreds of testimonials for preventing and facilitating recovery from all types of mange. 

My Pet is Itching and Scratching
Then something occurs to cause the immune system to get weakened. It may be caused by an allergic flare-up; or the pet is suffering from seborrhea (excessive oil production of the skin) or just an oily build up on the skin; or even that the animal has had its diet changed to a food containing a lot of grains or that the pet has been treated with antibiotics or steroids, or exposed to chemicals or poisons.
Whatever the reason the dog or cat's natural immune system cant destroy the excess yeast and there is a massive build-up of yeasts causing toxins to grow which further weakens the immune system, nervous system and their endocrine system (release of hormones). The yeast bacteria called malesezzia pachydermatis attack the skin, normally places where the dog has been scratching and broken the skin or on damp parts like inside the ear or his bottom. The yeast is crusty and smelly and very itchy causing your pet to scratch or to shake its head.

Yeast infections are not contagious but tend to reoccur if not treated. The treatment must not just be to the skin and infected area but also to build up the immune system and identify what caused the immune system to be weakened.

Dog AllergiesLeciderm Shampoo Soothes the Skin and Stops Pet Itching
A shampoo like Leciderrn is specifically designed to break down and remove oily build-up it is also very gentle and contains no harsh chemicals while the natural oils in the shampoo will soothe the skin and stop the itching.  If the pet is small or the infection is all over, then bath the dog or cat three times a week. If the pet is large breed or the infected part is only on one small part then just shampoo that infected part. In order to kill the yeast wash the infected part with a mix of water and vinegar then apply the shampoo.
IN®Pet Supplements Boost the Immune System to Stop Pet Itching
To build up the immune system feed your pet a balanced pet food and give your pet the IN® Diet Supplement for dogs and cats. This tasty treat contains the vitamins, minerals; live enzymes and essential fatty acids that a healthy immune system needs but the lecithin in the supplement will clean and sooth the coat and skin.

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