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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IN® Pet Supplement for Dogs and Cats?

IN® is a nutritional supplement for dogs and cats that combines essential vitamins and minerals with a rich abundance of lecithin in a tasty nugget form. IN® enhances the pet's immune system and provides superior pet health, skin problem relief, and coat improvement in dogs and cats of all breeds, sizes, coats and age.

A time-tested formula, which dogs and cats love.

What is different about IN®?
IN® is unique.

Dog Joint Supplements
IN® is not a powder that requires mixing. 
IN® is not a liquid requiring measuring.
IN® is not an additive to be camouflaged in food.
IN® is a stand-alone nutritional product.
IN® is given in small tasty nuggets and considered by dogs and cats as a treat or as a reward.
IN® goes to work from within, strengthening the pet’s immune system.
IN® does not alter a smooth, rough or wire coat.
You will see a noticeable improvement in only four to six weeks of giving
IN® daily.

What is the dosage for IN® and INhancer?
IN® for Dogs: Give one IN® nugget for every 5 lbs your dog weighs. 
IN® for Cats: Give one IN® Nugget for every 2.5 lbs your cat weighs.
INhancer™: Give one INhancer Nugget for every 10 lbs your dog weighs

IN® is for Whom? 

For pet lovers to give to their pets.

IN® is for the Pet owner.    
IN® is for the Professional Breeder.
IN® is for the Working Dog Owner   
IN® is for the Professional Handler.
IN® is for the Professional Groomer.  
IN® is for the Professional Trainer

What about Age?
 IN® is suitable for dogs and cats of all ages: 

Natural Cures for Dog Allergies

Puppies and Kittens

IN® provides the nutritional balance, bone strengthening and disease resistance so necessary for growing dogs and cats.

Adult Dogs and Cats

IN® is the diet supplement, which maintains the show coat, energy and breeding performance of dogs and cats at their peak.

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