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How INŽ Helps with Hot Spots

INŽ Helps Prevent and Relieve Hot Spots

Some dog hot spots include the dog park, the beach, or the local pet shop.  Known to veterinarians as pyromatic dermatitis, dog hot spots are also a common, yet very painful condition that many dogs suffer from every year.  Essentially, a hot spot is an irritated area on the dogs body that ranges from the size of a quarter to the palm of ones hand.  While hot spots are very common and agonizing, they can be easily treated and prevented. 
Dog Hot Spots
Hot spots can appear as a result of many different issues.Generally, a hot spot is caused when an area of the dogs body becomes irritated and the dog responds to the irritation by licking and scratching until the area is raw and infected.
Potential Hot Spots Causes

1)  Dogs with heavy and un-groomed coats are especially prone to hot spots as their hair can become matted (especially before shedding) and moisture builds up and presses on the skin. It is also harder to spot a hot spot early on when a dog has longer hair. 
2)   If a dog is plagued with fleas or mites, they tend to scratch and lick at themselves and form hot spots.
3)   Sometimes a dog may experience an allergy, either from its food or from the air it is breathing. If the allergies cause the dog to lick and scratch certain areas, the stage is set for hot spots to appear.  Hot spots are especially common in the summertime when airborne irritants are most prevalent and the air is very humid.
4)   Some dogs suffer from separation anxiety and lick a certain area constantly when left alone, often causing a sizable hot spot.
5)   In many cases, the animals diet does not contain the essential vitamins and nutrients that are necessary to ward off coat and skin conditions.
6)   Dogs with histories of inflamed anal sacs are more prone to hot spots.
7)   Certain breeds, like Golden Retrievers, Saint Bernards and Rottweilers can be more susceptible to hot spots.

Remember, it is much easier to prevent a hot spot than it is to treat a hot spot. Whenever you see your dog licking a particular area for any prolonged period of time, take the time to make sure hot spots arent the cause and youll thank yourself in the future.
Dog Hot Spots Home Remedy
Treating Hot Spots
Treating an existing hot spot depends on the severity of the specific spot. The earlier a hot spot is found and treated,the easier it is to take care of.  A hot spot can go from being almost unnoticeable to very large and painful in the time span of just a few hours. If your dog begins to growl when you touch a particular area, you should look closely to see if a hot spot is the cause of the irritation.

Many people have had success using powders to dry out the spot; Goldbond is a good one.  Make sure to shave the area surrounding the hot spot so that the entire area is exposed. Matted hair can make it hard to see the extent of the hot spots and can retain moisture which makes hot spots exponentially worse. Additionally,  some people swear by the use of black of green tea bags as a method of drying out the hot spots.

In more severe cases sometimes known as deep hot spots, a trip to the Vet may be necessary.  A veterinarian will clean and dry the spot, then potentially prescribe an anti-biotic or cream.  In every case, it is important to keep the dog from continuing to lick the hot spot.  Elizabethan collars are a good way to prevent continuous licking and scratching.

Luckily, there is a solution that will allow your dog to enjoy a happy, hot spots free life. Using supplements,especially those containing lecithin, omega fatty acids and vitamin E can prevent hot spots altogether.  IN Diet Supplements for dogs have a 20 year track record of clearing up and preventing hot spots.  In case after case, dogs that are prone to constant hot spot break outs begin an IN regiment and never see another hot spot.  Supplements can compliment your dogs existing diet and provide all of the vitamins, nutrients and fatty acids that their food is lacking.  Dog food is cooked at very high temperatures and as a result, much of the nutritional value is burnt out.  Try a supplement and see what a difference it can make.

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