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Leciderm Shampoo

Veterinarian formulated, Leciderm is specifically designed to help relieve seasonal eczema, flea bite dermatitis, itching and dandruff. Lecithin functions by dissolving the greasy build up in the skin, thereby “deep cleaning” the skin and facilitating the growth of new hair. Aloe Vera reduces the irritation and inflammation associated with skin conditions and also helps promote healing. Vitamin E is an antioxidant and promotes healing of the skin. Australian Tee Tree Oil an antiseptic, which promotes healing of the skin, particularly skin that is highly irritated, itchy and inflamed. Jojoba Oil helps dissolve the greasy build up that clogs the skin and provides a conditioning effect on the hair. Leciderm has a faint lavender scent which leaves the dog’s coat odor free.
Leciderm Shampoo - 12 oz. Leciderm Shampoo - 12 oz.

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