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Tug's Story

When I got my dog Tug at 4 months, he had a severe case of demodectic mange. Demodectic mange is a hereditary mange from the pup's mother caused by a mite and weakens the immune system.

Tug had this awful condition when I got him last March. He constantly developed secondary skin infections. This went on for months and cost a lot of money. I tried everything the vet prescribed including lots of antibiotics which weakened his immune system even more, plus dips that were so toxic that he would be sick for days afterward. Nothing I tried would clear up his condition.

A friend suggested your product, IN Diet Supplement for Dogs. I have been using this supplement for about 5 months now and Tug, now 18 months, is, as you can see in the picture, all cleared up! Not only did his hairless patches clear up, but now his coat shines beautifully! Again, thank you – this product is absolutely wonderful! 

I sure wish I had used this product from day one because, unfortunately, Tug has some scarring where the hairless mange patches were. He loves the flavor of the nuggets so much that he runs over as soon as he hears me open the jar, then stuffs his head into his dish to eat them before I add his food!

Can't thank you enough,
Sue & Tug

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